PixAir Productions provides low altitude aerial video solutions with a variety of remote controlled platforms and an experienced team of professionals. When on location, we typically operate as a 2-man crew: equipment operator and camera operator/director. In order to achieve the best aerial shots for the unique needs of your project, PixAir Productions has networked with several partners. Meet the team:

The Owners

Nick Ames Nick Ames
Production Director

Nick started working in the motion picture industry in Los Angeles over ten years ago. While filming in LA, he worked under Tom Stern, AFC, ASC (Hereafter, Gran Torino, Million Dollar Baby, etc), worked on many American Film Institute senior thesis projects, and completed a BA in Communications in May 2004. He then quickly escaped the concrete jungles to Utah. After working for several video production companies, he met Brian Bills while working as a Video Director for FS Productions. Here he discovered the unique art of RC aerial cinematography. Nick has now worked on over 150 productions and plays an integral part in the overall direction of PixAir. Most days you will find him either editing, camera operating, directing, producing, snowboarding, or a combination of all of the above.

Brian Bills Brian Bills
Operations Director

With an extensive background in business and years of experience flying remote controlled models, Brian is the Director of Operations for PixAir Productions. He is also instrumental in the research and development of the aerial platforms. Prior to co-founding PixAir, Brian was an RC aerial equipment technician for FS Productions, as well as the sole founder of Higher Imaging, a photography firm specializing in oblique aerial photographs. Brian obtained a bachelor´s degree in Business Management with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship from the BYU Marriott School of Business. Carrying his multi-engine and instrument ratings, he is also working on his fixed-wing commercial rating. Brian is also working collaboratively as a Flight Engineer with Procerus Technologies to further develop and refine UAV technology.

The Crew

Eric Fowkes

Eric plays a critical role in client relations, creative collaboration, and project direction. He has worked among corporate giants in Nantucket, MA and in Washington, D.C., while volunteering at the White House and working at the U.S. Department of State´s "Office of the Chief of Protocol." These experiences have given him a fine-tuned ability to handle getting the job done and understanding the clients needs.

Scott Paul

Known as the man with a million ideas, Scott has a business savvy ability to network anyone with anything. He is full of energy and always brings a progressive perspective to the table. When he is not producing videos or starting another company, he is usually trying out the newest sushi joint in town. Scott studied Marketing and Entrepreneurship and has an MBA from the University of Utah.

Dan Geery
Project Developer

Dan´s passion is alternative energy issues. He designed and developed an earth-sheltered solar home and greenhouse, then published a book on it. He has patented designs for several inventions, including ultra-efficient RC airships, of which he has built over 500 working models. In partnership with PixAir, his primary duties involve the continual R & D of these airships with his company

Spencer Deputy
Chief Operator

We like to call him a "thermal wrangler" for his uncanny ability to identify thermal flows and patterns in order to determine the best flight paths. With over 15 years experience flying the thermals, he is an avid RC modeler and hands-on engineer with gas, electric, fixed wing, and rotary aircraft. He is also a published author on advanced glider flying techniques, and has set world records in dynamic soaring. Spencer has a degree in Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah, as well as 12 years experience in sales and technology-related products. He is also the chief operator of the airships.